Johnson's Jewelers of Cary opened in 1936 in various locations around the triangle.  In the 1950s, Johnson's Jewelers of Cary opened in its current location on E. Chatham St.  It's owner, L.E. Johnson, created a great customer base, so when Noah Capps bought the company in 1968, he decided it would be in the best interest of the company to keep the original name. Noah's son, John Capps, began working in the store soon after returning from receiving his degree in gemology. When Noah retired, John and his wife, Lynette, began running the store on a day to day basis.  

John is the current owner of Johnson's Jewelers of Cary and keeps family in the business.  His sons Brandon and Bradley are both working in the store and many other family members work there from time to time.  You will also see members of the Capps family spending time at the store as well.  Don't be surprised if you are greeted at the door by John's grandchildren (and Jewelers in training) or if you see Noah working on a few projects in the back.  Family is what Johnson's Jewelers of Cary is all about and we would love to take care of yours family's jewelry needs.  

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